Floral Print Home Decor Ideas

Floral Print Home Decor Ideas

Floral prints are considered the most timeless for interior design: they are always up to date and bring ultimate elegance to different rooms. If you are keen on trying some of this floral beauty, you can get some inspiration from the ideas compiled below.

Walls with floral accents
A floral accent wall remains the most popular solution when it comes to floral prints. Such a wall is usually decorated with floral wallpaper and can appear in any room: in the living room, in the bedroom, in the study, in the children’s room and even in the kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to kitchens, it can be a floral backsplash, and you might see floral tiles in bathrooms. Choose the pattern and color scheme to suit your style, and if you want the whole room to bloom, opt for floral wallpaper on all the walls.

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