Stylish Purple Living Room Decor Ideas

Stylish Purple Living Room Decor Ideas

One of the most dramatic and mysterious colors, purple is a beautiful and uncomplicated interior design solution. Purple has many different shades and suits literally any interior. Today we have compiled the coolest purple living rooms that will showcase the beauty of this color and will convince you to use it in your space too.

Which shades of purple should you choose?
Light purple or lilac is a beautiful idea for a room in Provence, for a delicate and chic living room with accents of French chic, it will add a slight touch of romance. Bold purple is great for contemporary and Scandinavian spaces, for modern and even minimalist spaces when you want to add some color. Deep purples and violets are great for moody spaces, for vintage, Victorian, and eclectic spaces. Shades of purple go with many other colors, from plain black and white to bold jewel tones to bright colors.

Regulate the depth of shade you want to use and the amount of it in your space. Purple, especially cold tones, can come across as cold, depressed, and unfriendly. Mix and match different shades of lilac and violet for a bolder and more fun effect.

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