Smart And Cool Suspended Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Smart And Cool Suspended Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Just like other functional rooms, kitchens require a lot of storage space. Cabinets of various types, kitchen islands and of course shelves offer us this storage space. Today’s round-up shows you another storage unit idea that is very practical and cool and can be used in almost any room: hanging shelves!

What are hanging shelves?
Hanging shelves are designed to be hung. There are no traditional brackets, these shelves usually feature rope or chain suspensions that can either be attached to the wall or hung from the ceiling to create an eye-catching hanging look.

What are the advantages of hanging shelves?
Bold, functional and effortlessly beautiful, floating shelves capture the true essence of Nordic interior design. Going beyond traditional storage units, these shelves aren’t just space savers – they’re a standout feature of your room’s decor.

Floating shelves look far more contemporary than traditional closed wall units. They go well with transitional kitchens as long as the rest of the elements are classic. As well as being extremely practical for storage, hanging shelves are an effortless way to add a touch of industrial glamor to your interior.

Unlike fixed shelving, hanging shelving can be mounted almost anywhere – be it on the wall or on the ceiling. They’re also less bulky than traditional shelving, giving you an elegant and stylish way to display your books, plants, tools, lighting, ornaments and anything else you can think of.

Fixed shelves can be a practical storage solution, but they only go a long way. With the freedom to hang them from the ceiling, hanging shelves make the most of any unused space – freeing up walls for tall furniture, cupboards, plant holders and all your favorite prints. Floating shelves and bar shelves are also incredibly easy to access – so there’s no need to stand on chairs and look for those things you’ve pushed all the way to the back.

Hanging shelves instead of upper cabinets
Hanging shelves can be used instead of wall units. You can replace these and give your kitchen a light and airy look while still giving you plenty of storage space. This is a cool solution for many spaces, except maybe minimalist spaces where everything should be tidy.

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