Relaxing Screened Patio And Porch Design Ideas

Relaxing Screened Patio And Porch Design Ideas

We’ve discussed and shared many ideas for porches and patios, but we haven’t talked about screened-in ideas. Screened porches and patios are extremely popular as they serve as sunrooms, porches and patios, protecting you from excessive sun or rain and, more importantly, insects.

What is a screened porch?
Privacy does not mean just a roof, it can be windows, folding windows or privacy screens or just blinds of your choice – this is one of the best privacy screen ideas as you open them up when needed and get a totally open outdoor space. Blinds or screens can continue and even enhance the style of the room if you choose original patterns, colors and textures. I would say that this is a much more functional space than an ordinary porch or terrace, since it is possible to stay here at any time and in any weather.

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