Difficult Window Treatment Ideas

Difficult Window Treatment Ideas

What are difficult windows? These can be bay and bay windows, round and semicircular windows, as well as usual windows in combination with clerestory windows. So-called difficult windows make our home special, help it tell the story of the place and give it character by giving a lot of light, but there is always a downside: how to beautify such windows, since they have a very unusual shape have ? We’ve put together some cool solutions and we hope you find our guide helpful.

Classic curtains
Even if you have one or more unusual windows, you can opt for classic curtains that start under the ceiling or just above the windows (the first idea leads to the fact that the room becomes visually higher), and these curtains cover the entire window . Standard high and wide curtains are a great match for almost any window, no matter what shape it is. If you have windows at different heights, you can use matching curtains at the same height to make them appear more even and coherent in the room.

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