Pergola Ideas for Dreamy Outdoor

Pergola Ideas for Dreamy Outdoor

We are all appreciating our outdoor spaces more and more, but we also have a better understanding of sun damage. How does the skilled landscape gardener deal with this riddle? By researching pergola ideas, of course! While many of us want to make the most of our time in nature, it seems like you can’t enjoy your outdoors without risking those harmful rays. A covered pergola helps solve this problem and even allows you to better enjoy the comfort of an indoor living room or dining area on your backyard patio. But you need to decide what style you want your outdoor seating area to be—and that’s where browsing through pergola designs comes into play.

We’ve rounded up amazing pergola ideas to help you find inspiration for creating the perfect ambiance for your “outdoor living room”, from Mediterranean-inspired designs to modern pergolas and poolside pergolas to those stuck with the earth connected pergolas. But first, let’s answer some basic questions to get you on the road to living your best pergola.

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