Beautiful Plant Combination Ideas For Container Garden

Beautiful Plant Combination Ideas For Container Garden

Planning and planting your container garden can be one of the most entertaining exercises a gardener can experience. It allows you to think of flower colors, foliage colors, structure, height and textures when planning the perfect container garden ideas. I’m also thinking of an issue. What vibrations does my container emit? Cottage, modern, desert, wasfernimsical…?

For beautiful container combinations, you should aim for three components: a thriller, a filler, and a spiller. There are many types of plants that can fill these unique roles in a container. Each adds color, texture and definition.

There are just so many ways to plant your perfect container. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite container garden arrangements. There are also some substitute plants if the suggested plants don’t grow in your climate. I hope these inspire you to try some beautiful container gardens this season!

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