Creative Shower Designs You’ll Love

Creative Shower Designs You’ll Love

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to designing cool bedroom designs or decorating living rooms. But utility rooms such as bathrooms or showers also put your design skills to the test, although these rooms are no less important. If you want to give your shower room a cool and unique look, you have to be smart and look beyond the functional part of the design. They all have the potential to look great and you just need to find the right approach to design. Horizontal showers for maximum relaxation, showers that lead outside with a breathtaking view, rain showers for a unique experience or SPA showers with a massage effect – we have put together a cool package of ideas for you, enjoy and be inspired!

Creative shower heads and panels
On the whole, rain shower heads are cool and perfect for relaxing, they can easily make you feel like you are outdoors. You might find cool power showers (where you can even lie down!) that not only have a showerhead on the ceiling, but also some on the walls. If you love high tech, you might opt for a cool digital shower with bold colored lights that you can change and regulate the intensity of. Such a shower panel usually features a rain shower head to maximize your relaxation with light and water.

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