Creative And Timeless Striped Home Décor Ideas

Creative And Timeless Striped Home Décor Ideas

Stripes are timeless for everything from your outfit to your interior design. So today we want to tell you about cool striped interior design ideas. How can you rock them in your indoor spaces? Stripes are suitable everywhere: on the walls, on the floor and on the ceiling; It’s usually a black and white combo, but you can also opt for one of your favorite tones: gold, blush, blue, green, and so on. Striped furniture is also a great thing and easy to make yourself; Textiles and accessories look fantastic and can be made by yourself. Striped things are very well combined with bright colors and other patterns. Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Striped accent walls
A striped accent wall is the most popular idea for any room. It can be styled with paint, wallpaper, or even tile, giving the room a more eye-catching look. Horizontal stripes make the room appear wider, vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher. Go for color combinations that inspire you and somehow fit the design of the room.

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