Vertical Garden Ideas to Show off Your Green Thumb

Vertical Garden Ideas to Show off Your Green Thumb

Whether you’re short on space or need to create a privacy screen on a patio, deck or balcony, vertical is the solution! Vertical gardening uses upright growth forms or containers to make the most of your grow space. It’s a technique that works indoors and out! Brighten up a kitchen or bare wall indoors, and add screening and color outside. You can also plant a vegetable garden near your back door or make a boring exterior wall prettier. There really is no limit to what you can do when you grow up!

Many different types of indoor plants, annuals, perennials and shrubs do well in a vertical space, so there are no limits to your choice of plants. Adding flower boxes, hanging pots, or a garden structure like a trellis or teur also provides additional outdoor vertical growing space. And you can DIY many different styles of planters with a few inexpensive craft or utility supplies to create your own unique vertical growing space.

So get creative and read on to discover some of our favorite vertical garden ideas for your home, indoors or out.

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