Stylish Tiny Nursery Décor Ideas

Stylish Tiny Nursery Décor Ideas

You are expecting your first baby and suddenly there is no room for him – a common situation in our modern life due to small apartments and constant lack of space. We’ve put together some examples of small children’s rooms and ways to furnish and store everything you need. Tiny doesn’t mean it’s not functional!

Choose a theme or style
Once you’ve decided on the theme or style, it’s easier to mix and match all the pieces and refurbish and redesign them as needed. Minimalist and modern styles are perhaps the best ideas as they are usually tidy and that is one of the most important points for a small space. Scandinavian decor is also a nice idea as it is also more tidy and the color schemes are neutral and pastel. Overall, stick with neutrals and pastels, whatever your style, as they visually expand the space.

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