Stylish Ideas for Hanging Plants

Stylish Ideas for Hanging Plants

Looking for some cool hanging plant ideas that go beyond the simple retro macrame hanger? We’ve combed through some modern design blogs and Instagram feeds to find the best ideas for displaying houseplants in hanging baskets and pots so you can fill your space with lush greenery without taking up too much space! Your desk and shelves can only hold a limited number of plants, so keep things clutter-free (and out of pets’ reach) by trying some of these different ways to hang plants indoors.

driftwood hanger
Reclaimed wood will never go out of style, so this is one of our favorite DIY hanging plant ideas! It is the perfect combination of rustic, elegant and modern and always unique. Driftwood is a fantastic structure to hang multiple potted plants from, and you can easily hang it from the ceiling or window with two ropes at either end. The twisted shape and natural knotty texture are so perfectly imperfect. Leave the wood as it is, glaze it with varnish or paint it white! Just make sure your driftwood has been thoroughly cleaned and there are no insects hiding in it.

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