Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating your space, the kitchen is often unfairly disadvantaged. As the stomach of your home, you can use the kitchen to prepare a delicious multi-course meal, warm up last night’s leftovers or uncork your favorite bottle of wine. The kitchen may be undeniably practical – but stylish? Not as much.

In fact, its reputation for putting function first only becomes clearer when square footage is minimal. Working in a limited space forces you to think strategically about storing all of your pots, pans, and cooking utensils. (Unfortunately, in most cases, strategy and style are mutually exclusive.) And since you’re already working in tight quarters, incorporating charming elements like a breakfast nook or kitchen island will make your already small space feel claustrophobic.

But just because you’re working with a tiny space doesn’t mean your kitchen is on the fast track to smashing the design. The good news? It’s totally possible to have a kitchen that’s small, practical, and pretty. For inspiration, take a look at these standout small kitchens from today’s top interior designers.

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