How to make a flower bed from a car with your own hands

How to make a flower bed from a car with your own hands

How to make a flower bed out of a car with your own hands
First, choose a place for the flower bed on the site. Do not hide the car somewhere in the depths of the garden, it is best to have a place where you can see from all sides.

Then decide on the bed design. Where do you want to plant flowers – only in the hood and trunk or even in the cabin. Or maybe planting loaches or moss with the entire surface of the machine. Depending on the option chosen, remove all unnecessary details from the old car – remove the seats, remove the engine and all the contents of the hood. Most likely, male assistants will have to be called for this work.

The car can be left in its shabby condition with rust, scratches and a dent. Such a flower bed acquires a vintage-retro style. You can also paint the body with bright colors, decorate it with drawings and patterns. Think about how to keep the body longer from final destruction. In the form of a bed frame, the machine rusts and rots faster, so it makes sense to cover the metal with an anti-corrosion agent.

In the old car, you can plant flowers directly in the ground and just put pots with plants. If you decide to plant flowers in the trunk or under the hood, cover the bottom with a film, pour in the expanded clay or a small gravel for drainage, and only then fall asleep. How to protect the car from the effects of moisture. Even if you only put pots and pots with plants in the machine, it is still better to use a waterproof film.

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