How To Design A Sophisticated Coastal Chic Home

How To Design A Sophisticated Coastal Chic Home

Coastal design has always been in vogue, but with the end of the pandemic, it’s regaining popularity. This is because homeowners are looking for an open and airy vibe that feels more vacation-like, even if they’re landlocked. “Coastal design has been around for centuries, primarily because it was the way people decorated their homes by the water or the sea. This design aesthetic started very much as a product of the environment one is in at a beach or lake house,” Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions tells me. “Over time, this look has evolved into a less literal and more of an overall interpretation that is subject to the designer or homeowner and how they bring the outside in, regardless of whether the home is in a waterfront location. It is designed to evoke a feeling of being close to the water – and to bring the relaxation, ease and casual atmosphere of life by the water into everyday life.”

So how can you add a more sophisticated coastal feel to your home? I spoke to some of the top designers and experts to get their top tips and ideas.

Skip the clams
According to Samantha Gallacher, founder of IG Workshop, a few simple general changes can make your home feel more coastal. “Being based in Miami, we’ve seen coastal trends come and go,” she tells me.

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