Garden Edging Ideas

Garden Edging Ideas

There are so many shapes and textures in this wonderful garden in Yorkshire, England. From the lush perennial borders to the tree-shaped potted hydrangeas and the lines of round box trees, the variety of plants appears balanced and yet complex. Simple, straight edges bring all of these elements together, and this can easily be done with common garden tools. This type of dug edge usually needs a touch-up every year, but it’s worth a little effort for that clean, sharp look.

The free-flowing and organic borders created by cottage garden planting can be a vibrant cacophony of color. These palettes are also subject to change throughout the season. This garden blooms in summer with beautiful pink foxgloves, blue perennial geraniums, and purple creeping phlox. Cottage gardens never fail to please with their ever-changing parade of colorful blooms.

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