Elegant Cane Furniture Ideas

Elegant Cane Furniture Ideas

Caning is an ancient technique of weaving thin strips of rattan in a multi-directional pattern. The cane technique dates back to ancient China, where it was used to make baskets. Even in Egyptian tombs dating back to 1000 BC. wicker chairs were found. In the 19th century, cane furniture was primarily associated with Dutch and English colonial furniture.

Today, wicker furniture is one of the freshest interior design trends, with its beautiful natural texture and airy, light feel. We’ve eyed this open-weave rattan treatment on our Instagram feeds for a while, and now some of our favorite retailers have embraced it with collections of cane-detailed chairs, headboards, storage units and other accents. The woven pattern lends a casual, timeless look to furniture styles including boho, traditional, mid-century modern and even contemporary. As well as traditional stained cane pieces, you can also opt for contrasting graphite grey, navy blue and black cane pieces.

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