Dreamy Bedroom Floral Print Ideas

Dreamy Bedroom Floral Print Ideas

Floral prints are timeless: they never go out of style, they suit most interiors and there are many variations to choose from. Since floral prints are one of the hottest home trends right now, we decided to share some ideas on how to use them in bedrooms since, according to statistics, bedrooms are places where floral prints are used the most.

Floral print walls
One of the most popular ways to add floral prints to bedrooms is to cover one wall with floral accents or to cover all walls in floral wallpaper. Consider finding a beautiful and perhaps realistic floral mural and place it behind the headboard for maximum visual impact in the room. Another idea is to choose floral wallpaper to cover all the walls or in turn to create an accent wall in the room. Choose the print, colors and size carefully, because such a wall creates an atmosphere in the room: it can make your room look like a classic English country style, for example a farmhouse or a feminine one.

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