Design ideas for elegant greenhouses

Design ideas for elegant greenhouses

For the avid gardener, a greenhouse is a must so you can tend your tender plants in winter and sow seeds in early spring. Their history in the UK dates back to the 16th century when orangeries became popular as a shelter for citrus plants from Spain. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that greenhouses really took off, when industrial advances made glass much cheaper to produce. The ability to grow (then) exotic fruits and plants was no longer just for the wealthy—suddenly any middle-class man with the space in their backyard could create a mild climate.

The Victorian era saw the golden age of the glass house (think of the botanical houses at Kew Gardens or the monumental Crystal Palace, which tragically burned down in the 1930s but is immortalized in photographs from the period); Many of the most beautiful designs on the market today are based on Victorian originals. A restored Victorian greenhouse makes a very special and characterful addition to your garden. There is a huge range of options, ranging from affordable pre-engineered options that you can buy and set up on a pre-prepared concrete base, to bespoke greenhouses that can cost tens of thousands of pounds and perfectly suit the space you have in your garden.

Speaking of space, even if you have a small yard, chances are you can find space for a greenhouse. They come in sizes from just 1m80 wide, although 2m40 is better if you want to fit worktops on both sides. Traditional greenhouses are rectangular in shape, but you can also buy add-on versions that can be placed against a wall, or charming octagonal shapes that might fit tricky spaces better. Greenhouses are generally made of wood or aluminum; The former is more expensive, but retains heat better and can also be supplemented with a half-wall of bricks at the base.

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