Cozy Reading Nook Ideas

Cozy Reading Nook Ideas

Although a true book lover could curl up for hours in almost any place, there’s a reason certain places — say, a hammock between two trees or a plush chair by the fire — are ready for reading. These areas are comfortable and feel special—like they came to earth just to turn the pages.

If there is no place in your home that evokes such feelings, do not despair. It’s easy to create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom, living room, or even an unused corner of your attic.

Of course, you can go the extravagant route and hire a contractor to build a built-in bench under the stairs, or turn a closet completely into your personal library. But some of the most inspirational reading nooks are actually far less picky. For toddlers and kids, consider a simple floor pillow under a canopy, a fluffy tent with blankets, or even a homemade hammock. For adults, an elegant leather armchair with easy-to-grow houseplants or a colorful window seat will do just fine.

No matter which reading corner you choose, it doesn’t take much to make it a cozy place either. Decorate your room with lots of soft, plush textiles – for example throw pillows and fluffy or knitted blankets. Atmospheric lighting – scented candles, work lamps or fairy lights – also creates a warm atmosphere in the private room. And if you’re in the mood for a little more styling, don’t be afraid to add art prints and anything else that makes you feel at home.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the next book on your list, a cup of tea, and be warned: if you couldn’t put the novel down before, we wish you the best of luck now.

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