Boho Bathroom Ideas That Will Instantly Relax You

Boho Bathroom Ideas That Will Instantly Relax You

These days, bohemian style can be interpreted in many ways, but at its core, the interior design aesthetic embodies everything that’s relaxed, vintage, and a little bit eclectic. Boho style can be colorful and maximalist, or neutral and minimalist, or any combination of these, but it always includes texture and organic elements. Colorful and cool at its most daring, it brings together vibrant hues, layered prints and lots of greenery. Incorporating these elements in a bedroom or living room can be a bit easier than in a bathroom, where of course there is less space available. But a little intention can make your space sing.

How can you be intentional? First, consider all of the basic features of your bathroom as design options. From shower curtains and window treatments to bath mats and toiletries, skip the standard all-white options and opt for something with a little more personality. You might also want to think outside the box to create unexpected moments, like a gallery wall or eye-catching mosaic tiles and a few hanging planters to brighten up an otherwise empty corner.

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