Beautiful Drywall Shelving Ideas

Beautiful Drywall Shelving Ideas

Over a year ago I wrote a post about how I wanted to add a large wall of shelves to our dining room. And for over a year I’ve been patiently waiting for it to happen. That sentence in itself is ironic, because while I like to think I’m a patient person, in many cases I’m not. Especially when I know what I want done, can see it in my mind as it’s done, and walk past it each day knowing it needs to be done. It. eats At. Me.

That’s why last weekend was such a success. Due to a shared decision, I decided to paint the dining room. And before the paint was even dry, I had quite literally persuaded Anthony to build some custom open shelving for the dining room himself. He was for it, I was for it, so we dropped everything and ran to Home Depot to get the supplies. This is how they look built, stained and installed…

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