Amazing Indoor Plants In Under The Stairs

Amazing Indoor Plants In Under The Stairs

The empty space under the stairs could be an alternative space for different purposes. Yesterday we used a lot of space under the stairs as a kitchen, study or storage room. This time we will try to build something completely different. This applies if your understairs are not too high or even too low. Creating a garden under the stairs can be very pleasant and beautify your interior. Now it’s time to start thinking about how to create a mini garden in a well organized and easy way.

First you need to choose plants to place at the base of the stairs. Some ornamental plants such as succulents, ferns, and foliage plants are very popular these days. Most important is the type of plants under the stairs, which certainly do not require a lot of water. Also add natural elements like rocks and wood to give the under stair garden a more natural look and you are ready for indoor gardens.

Gardening is great fun, whether in the late winter, under the stairs garden ideas can still be fun. You can take care of your own garden and do the same in the house. See if there is empty space under your stairs? If so, then challenge your creativity and create a dream garden there!

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