20+Indoor Plants According to Color Psychology

20+Indoor Plants According to Color Psychology

1. Strawberry Star

Botanical title: Caladium ‘Strawberry Star’

White-leaved houseplants don’t get taller than a strawberry star! The leaves have a shocking distinction of spots and speckles and rich shades of purple.

2. Indoor Jasmine

Botanical title: Jasmine polyanthum

Nothing is more beautiful than having pure white flowers in the house, which release an intoxicating scent!

3. White Nymph

Botanical title: Amaryllis ‘White Nymph’

With its dazzling, double, white, star-shaped flowers towering high over the plant, it displays a unique splendor!

4. Lily of the Nile

Botanical title: Agapanthus umbellatus

The spherical clusters of funnel-shaped white flowers provide a raised shade and look best in any indoor or outdoor setting!

Crimson vegetation

Indoor vegetation of crimson color means pleasure, youth and vitality. You can add this bold hue to your houseplant assortment and create an energetic vibe in the ambiance. Some of the largest crimson indoor vegetation include:

5. Poinsettia

Botanical title: Euphorbia pulcherrima

The intense crimson texture of the poinsettia contrasts beautifully with green foliage, making it a focal point of Christmas decorations and displaying beautifully in pots.

6. Crimson Aglaonema

Botanical title: Aglaonema spp.

This is one of the best houseplants to grow, fashionable for its green-red foliage! The plant adapts well to any model of home decor and does well under slanting light.

7. Angel Wings

Indoor plants according to color psychology 4

Botanical title: Caladium ‘Crimson Flash’

‘Angel Wings’ presents huge and vibrant heart-shaped leaves painted an intense crimson, deep-veined with inexperienced edges and pink spots.

8. Flamingo Lily

Botanical title: Anthurium andraeanum

Bright crimson, waxy Anthurium bracts look wonderful with green foliage! In addition, it is listed in the NASA Clear Air Test for filtering hazardous chemical substances from the air.

9. Rex Begonia

Indoor plants according to color psychology 5

Botanical title: Rex Begonia ‘Crimson Kiss’

‘Crimson Kiss’ displays beautiful foliage with deeply veined crimson leaves and black outlines with an identical dark red heart.

Orange vegetation

Orange is a really robust, harmonious and energetic color like purple and yellow. It may soon gain attention and spread constructive sentiment. People experience orange as something overwhelming, brilliant, uplifting and blissful.

10. Clivia

Botanical title: Clivia miniata

Commonly known as popularly Kafir LilyAs a houseplant, it blooms all winter with clusters of orange-red tubular flowers when exposed in cool, dry situations.

11. California sunset

Indoor plants according to color psychology 6

Botanical title: Graptosedum ‘California Sundown’

A wonderful orange succulent that is easy to grow and maintain. The leaves take on a vibrant shade of orange with hints of purple.

12. Golden Sedum

Botanical title: Sedum adolphii ‘Golden Sedum’

Need an awesome orange specimen to try out from hanging baskets? This plant will amaze you with its fleshy rectangular leaves! Its color becomes deeper in brilliant mild!

Yellow vegetation

One of the happiest hues on your entire color gamut, yellow is deliberately associated with hope and sunshine.

13. Mothers

Indoor plants according to color psychology 7

Botanical title: Chrysanthemum

With alluring daisy flowers in a shocking shade of yellow, this can be a must-have plant for those who love yellow!

14. Blooming Kalanchoe

Botanical title: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

A captivating succulent that forms clusters of yellow flowers that go quite well with its fleshy and huge leaves! Learn to develop it right here.

15. Elatior Begonia

Indoor plants according to color psychology 8

Botanical title: Begonia x hiemalis

Do you love heart-shaped foliage? Effectively this one has it together with sensible single or double yellow flowers!

Inexperienced vegetation

Unexperienced portrays new beginnings, development and nature. It possesses energizing properties of yellow and calming effects of blue. This color can be associated with cash, wealth and stability. Since all plants are inexperienced, we’ve counted them among the must-grows right here!

16. Pothos

Botanical title: Epipremnum aureum

A popular houseplant, this tropical vine is grown extensively for its variegated, ornamental, green foliage, easy-care nature, and air-purifying properties.

17. Peace Lily

Botanical title: Spathiphyllum wallisii

This air-purifying plant is a real show-stealer with deep, green, glossy leaves and white petals. It spreads a sense of serenity and splendor around.

18. English Ivy

Botanical title: Hedera helix

You will be able to deliver the vitality of green color indoors by leveling up Hedera helix in hanging pots or baskets. Need to know the right way to develop it? Click on exactly here!

Purple vegetation

Purple color is related to creativity, thrill, spirituality, grace, royalty and luxury. Of course, since it doesn’t happen often, it’s handled in an unusual and charming way.

19. Fake shamrock

Indoor plants according to color psychology 10

Botanical title: Oxalis triangularis

The beautiful purple leaves of the plant look extraordinary! It is photophilous, opening and closing its leaves in accordance with the courtship of the sun.

20. Gloxinia

Botanical title: Sinningia speciosa

The deeply-veined, inexperienced leaves and velvety, fluffy purple flowers of ‘Gloxinia’ add texture to the indoor backyard. Some varieties even have marbled or multicolored flowers.

21. African violets

Indoor plants according to color psychology 11

Botanical title: Saintpaulia

African violet is a small houseplant that contains clusters of blue, violet, or lilac flowers above fuzzy, inexperienced leaves. Learn more about rising African violets indoors here!

Blue vegetation

Blue color represents serenity and calm. Soaring blue flowers indoors bring constructive vibes and splendor to your home decor.

22. Blue Pearl

Botanical title: Sedum ‘Blue Pearl’

It presents plum colored foliage with blue overtones that would add interest to any indoor decor with sturdy stems and clusters of bright pink flowers in late summer to fall.

23. Blue flame agave

Indoor plants according to color psychology 12

Botanical title: Agave ‘Blue Flame’

This hybrid ‘Agave’ selection produces chalky blue-green leaves with crimson edges that look beautiful when grown in appropriate containers.

24. Cebu Blue Pothos

Botanical title: Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’

As one of the houseplants, it presents an intriguing mix of silver and blue colors in its foliage. It’s also very easy to take care of!

Pink vegetation

Pink symbolizes tenderness, femininity, romance and sensitivity. By nature, it is cute, sweet and charming. The presence of pink indoors will make you feel romantic and playful!

25. Pink jelly beans

Indoor plants according to color psychology 13

Botanical title: Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

The fleshy spiral leaves of this comfy sedum selection with pink hues can brighten up your temperament and decor at the same time! Keep the plant in brilliant mildness to jazz up the pink color.

26. Pink nerve plant

Botanical title: Fittonia albivenis

It is also a fashionable mosaic plant and has green leaves that can be adorned with splashes of deep pink and veins like a mosaic or stained glass window. Looks wonderful in small pots!

27. Calico Kitten

Indoor plants according to color psychology 14

Botanical title: Crassula pellucida variegata ‘Calico Kitty’

The medium shaped leaves of this plant are an intriguing hue of reddish pink, fuchsia, purple, yellow, pink and cream. To keep the foliage always pink, keep it manicured!

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