15+ Indoor Plants with Colorful New Growth

15+ Indoor Plants with Colorful New Growth

Vegetation with vibrant new growth

1. Rubber tree

Botanical title: Ficus elastica ‘Crimson Ruby’

This gorgeous selection of rubber plants produces huge, dark green leaves that are densely mottled with shades of purple, crimson, and white. Model New Progress develops through quite pink-red shade.

2. Variegated creeping fig

Botanical title: Ficus pumila

Juvenile progress is evident in a mosaic of colors from burgundy, then copper, bronze and mature to medium green.

3. Amelia’s Kaleidoscope Begonia

Botanical title: Begonia ‘Amelia’s Kaleidoscope’

The model evolution of this begonia choice offers a copper-bronze hue that morphs to chartreuse-lime as it matures.

4. Corsair Sempervivum

Botanical title: Sempervivum ‘Korsar’

This hill-forming small succulent offers clusters of medium-sized rosettes with spiky leaves. New advances appear inexperienced rather than turning deep pinkish-red in color with maturity.

5. Rosy Maidenhair Fern

Plants with colorful new shoots 3

Botanical title: Adiantum tenerum ‘Scutum Roseum’

This beautiful evergreen fern is showing new advances in pink flushed rosy leaves. It grows to a foot in height and has three feathered fronds.

6. Ti plant

Botanical title: Cordyline fruticosa

The model new advancement of this enticing houseplant appears in a pink hue that fades to a dark red-burgundy with red-pink stripes.

7. Butterfly Anthurium

Plants with colorful new shoots 4

Botanical title: Anthurium papillillaminum

The new model Progress appears in a charming violet-red colour. Its heart-shaped leaves turn gray-green with a crimson tinge.

8. Tricolor Fern

Botanical title: Pteris quadriaurita tricolor

This fern chooses delicate bronzes and crimsons that over time turn a medium green hue with purple stems and midribs.

9. Photograph Voltaic Flare Begonia

Plants with colorful new shoots 5


Botanical title: Begonia ‘Photograph voltaic Flare’

This hybrid selection produces new advances in a crimson color changing to orange-red foliage. If you want to protect the color, keep it shiny indirect gently.

10. Magnificum Anthurium

Botanical title: Anthurium magnificum

The model-new progress has a brown-burgundy hue rather than changing to green. The medium-sized leaves have distinct creamy-white veins with a velvety texture.

11. Philodendron gigas

Plants with colorful new shoots 6


Botanical title: Philodendron gigas

The dark green velvety foliage appears in copper tones with white veins in the early stages. Its leaves look unusual with a huge drooping appearance.

12. Inexperienced golden begonia


Botanical title: Begonia rex ‘Inexperienced Gold’

‘Inexperienced Gold’ chooses a new progression in a warm golden color with burgundy edges. The leaves beat silver with deep, unexperienced veins.

13. Cinnamon star

Botanical title: Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Cinnamon Star’

This coral poinsettia mannequin features new advances in central bracts with a dark hue that fades sooner. Develop it indirectly glossy gently.

14. Velvetleaf Philodendron

Botanical title: Philodendron micans

The velvety, iridescent, heart-shaped foliage has new advances in many hues ranging from bronze to dark green with pink and purple hues.

15. Christina Ficus

Plants with colorful new shoots 8


Botanical title: Ficus ‘Cristina’

If you happen to want to develop a plant that changes the color of its leaves in what is probably the most dramatic way, then that’s it! The exemplary new foliage comes in a fiery red-orange color and changes over time to inexperienced.

16. Rainbow Jade Plant

Botanical title: Portulacaria afra ‘Rainbow’

New foliage of this cute plant comes in an overall shade of maroon with crimson options. If you want to give the foliage a vibrant hue, keep it in bright daylight.

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