13 Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants | Plants with Metallic Leaves

13 Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants | Plants with Metallic Leaves

Indoor plants with a metallic sheen

1. Aluminum plant

Botanical title: Pilea cadierei

The beautiful, green foliage of this Pilea selection is patterned with a gorgeous metallic silver sheen. Combine with indoor flowers for a superior experimental plant combination.

2. Peacock Begonia

Botanical title: Begonia pavonina

The royal blue hue of its foliage has a shimmering metallic blue effect. It’s also pretty easy to maintain and just looks fabulous.

3. Persian protection

Botanical title: Strobilanthes dyerianus

Persian Protect is admired for its dark metallic green leaves, marked with bright purple streaks and silver edges.

4. Steel Leaf Begonia

Botanical title: Begonia incarnata

This beautiful selection displays metallic dark green foliage with pink veins. The undersides of the leaves have a distinct pink colour.

5. Silver Philodendron

Botanical title: Philodendron mamei ‘Silver Cloud’

This philodendron selection has heart-shaped ruffled leaves that are a light shade of green with silver variegation. This cute plant should develop to give you that metallic glow indoors!

6. Metallic palm

Indoor plants with a metallic sheen 3

Botanical title: Chamaedorea metallica

Chamaedorea metallica is a relative of the parlor palm and has huge fishtail-like leaves with a metallic sheen. It looks spectacular with various vibrant foliage plants.

7. Calathea

Botanical title: Calathea roseopicta ‘Dottie’

If you are looking for a metallic sheen to the foliage, ‘Dottie’ is an ideal choice for you. The glossy deep green foliage with fuchsia-pink outlines appears exceptionally glossy and delightful.

8. Metallic Leaf Begonia

Indoor plants with a metallic sheen 4

Botanical title: Begonia incarnata

The plant’s oval leaves have serrated edges. Its olive green foliage has a pleasing metallic sheen that is simply wonderful.

9. Purple waffle plant

Botanical title: Hemigraphis alternata

Also known as pink ivy, the plant appears unique with its purplish, ruffled leaves with a metallic sheen. Expose it to a range of daylight and watch it glow!

10. Copper Spoon Plant

Indoor plants with a metallic sheen 5

Botanical title: Kalanchoe orgyalis ‘Copper Spoon’

Copper Spoon has succulent leaves that appear to be copper. It is a compact specimen and also produces yellow flowers.

11. Rex Begonia

Botanical title: Begonia rex ‘Twister’

The dark, green leaves of this plant are barely ruffled and have a silver and bronze tint with deep, rich purple flecks that give it a strong metallic sheen.

12. Pilea Silver Cloud

Indoor plants with a metallic sheen 6

Botanical title: Pilea pubescens liebmannii

Silver Cloud’s ruffled and jagged pink foliage has a slight sheen, making it one of the most suitable Pilea strains you could possibly grow indoors.

13. Silver Satin Pothos

Botanical title: Scindapsus pictus

The graceful and dark leaves of this plant have a beautiful show of silvery white spots with an added metallic sheen.

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