10+ Most Colorful Aglaonema Varieties You Can Grow!

10+ Most Colorful Aglaonema Varieties You Can Grow!

The most colorful Aglaonemas

1. Pink aglaonema

Not exactly a domain name, just search pink aglaonemes Both online and offline, and you will find plenty of opportunities to grow both indoors and outdoors.

2. Mrs. Valentine

The plant looks beautiful with unusually large, oval leaves that feature dark green margins with huge splashes of hot pink and scorching pink.

3. Inexperienced papaya

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This tropical strain looks beautiful due to its lime green leaves and bright pink stems. This small plant does best in low or medium mild situations.

4. Rose Gold

When positioned under a glowing, slanting light, this selection showcases its beautiful colors. Its foliage bears a mix of gold, green, cream with a distinctive red border.

5. Siamese Aurora

This beautiful strain has lime green leaves and daring pink edges. In keeping with feng shui, placing a Siamese Aurora indoors can also prove lucky.

6. Ananmanee


With dark green, broad leaves that stand out with dusty pink hues, Anyanmanee is one of those The most colorful Aglaonemas You will discover! Place in bright, slanted light for the best tones.

7. Favonian


Another easiest Aglaonema to grow and care for is the Favonian. With splashes of pink tones and bohemian edges, the plant is a head turner.

8. Needs


This beautiful number of Aglaonemas catches the eye with its pink, pink and green foliage. The plant stays compact and thrives best in mottled mildness.

9. Pink moon


With spots and freckles in shades of white and pink, the plant appears unique no matter which corner it is in.

10th state


Another great natural and pink selection that can add a stable hue to any location. The extra mild it gets, the pinker it gets!

11. Huge pink


This daring and exquisite strain is all you need to provide shade for the indoor home. It can be an ideal center desk plant. Make sure it gets plenty of dappled light.

12. Bidadari

This elegant selection has a delicate shade of green along with a distinct touch of white and pink. It does well in small plant stands or tables.

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