Wednesday , May 12 2021

The Dell XPS 15 will have a new frost white color option later this summer

Dell is adding a new color option to its popular XPS 15 laptop for the first time. This is a huge visual improvement over the standard silver aluminum and black carbon fiber of the standard model. Dell calls the color option frost and comes with "frost-machined aluminum with an arctic white woven glass palm overlay," says the company (over CNET). The Frost version will cost an additional $ 50 if it becomes available later in the summer.

The XPS 15, the larger version of the superb XPS 13, has made it onto our list of the best laptops, and our laptop reviewer Monica Chin, who reviewed the last iteration just last month, said the device's aspect ratio was 16:10 and the updated front panel -free chassis design makes it a solid choice for a large daily driver. It's not quite as good as the XPS 13, which is our first choice this year as it's the best notebook you can buy for most people, but the 15.6-inch model is still a good one Option if you agree with the noise deficiencies, heat and battery life departments.

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